Friday, June 30, 2017

Who does the world revolve around?

A lot has happened in the last two months.  We made it through baseball season, Miles graduated from Kindergarten, Carter got promoted to the third grade and mom renewed her contract for her 4th year as principal.  Miles's "graduation" from Kindergarten was recently validated based on a conversation in our car.  I was in the middle of ending a conversation on my car phone, and Carter immediately asked that we listen to Journey on Pandora.  Frustrated, I replied to his request by saying "Carter, the world does not revolve around you."  Miles promptly replied, "Yeah, Carter.  The world revolves around the sun."   Looks like those new NGSS standards are really impacting the education of our youth.  I still get confused on what revolves around what.  Either way, it was a good laugh and reminder of what really matters.
Unfortunately, in preparing the pool room to house all sorts of lovely drinks and ice cream bars by positioning a refrigerator, Bradley tore a disc in his back.  It's been a slow healing process, but after a week flat on his back or with a walker, we're calling each new task a win.  The world did revolve around his needs for a week or so and we are so incredibly thankful that he's recovering!

 Sadly, Bradley was supposed to be joining Joy on the 200 some odd mile running trek from Southern Oregon to the coast, but the back injury prevented him from joining in the fun.  Mom logged over 27 miles in 35 hours and Bradley was able to join the Hiltons in the mountains for a trek into a lake for some Father's Day fishing.

We recently spent a weekend in San Francisco as a family.  After a wedding on the way down, we arrived in the city late on a Friday night.  We had purchased owner tickets for Saturday's game as a fundraiser for our local Booster Club and decided to sit in the bleachers for the Sunday game.  Little did we know that it was also "Pride" weekend in San Francisco.  An additional million people in the city and a lot of cultural flavor made for some interesting conversations.  In the city, it really does feel like everyone knows the world revolves around them.  Nice guys do finish last.

We arrived early in line for Sunday's game.  We wanted the world to revolve around us and decisively ran fast, passing up other fans up the levels in order to score tickets for autograph day.  Both boys had their MLB baseball and mom supplied Sharpie and patiently waited in line.  Sam Dyson, number 49 relief pitcher was on duty, and both boys got his autograph.  Following the game the boys got to run the bases.  What a thrill!!  They even managed to scoop some of the infield dirt into their pockets and I added it to the bottom of the cases for their signed balls.  We ate a lot of great food, enjoyed all that AT&T has to offer, cheered on our Giants and just enjoyed each other.

Both boys are doing swim team this summer and it's been a great way to keep a routine during the summer and get some exercise.  They recently completed their first lap-a-thon.  Miles had a goal of 10 and Carter of 50.  They completed 69 and 100 laps respectively.  The boys have also been doing a great job of following Captain Super Bulldog's recommendations to do 30 minutes of math or reading each day.

We are trying to breathe in everything that summer has to offer us.  Our pool has been an amazing addition to each day and is a total mental game changer in the heat.  We hope that summer is truly never ending.  The long days and late nights seem to fly by despite the speed that the earth does revolve around the sun.

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